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About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Alessandro School is to prepare all students academically, socially and emotionally for the 21st Century and to ensure all students are prepared to enter higher education and/or pursue a viable career path.


We believe that a collaboration between students, parents, and staff is the most effective way to meet the individual needs of diverse learners. As a team, we plan individualized programs for children that include academic goals and grade level standards, behavioral supports, individualized instruction, and the support services necessary to meet each child’s unique needs. We promote confidence, respect, communication, and goal setting as part of our program to maximize student learning and independence.

The State of California has established eligibility criteria to determine placement into special education.

When a student is considered for an alternative program the IEP process is the vehicle for movement in and out of the program.

Students in grades K-12 are considered for this program when they display severe diverse behavioral styles that interfere with success in general education.

Special Programs

Discussion 4 Learning

An oral language program that engages students and accelerates their vocabulary acquisition.

Results-Based Communication

A school-wide program for goal setting, self-monitoring, and communication that allows students to productively work through roadblocks and reach their goals.


Eligible high school students learn to complete job applications, participate in the interview process, and are offered the opportunity to work on and off campus in the community.

Therapy Dogs International

Provides service dogs for the Kids Reading to Dogs Program.

Perfect Attendance

Ceremonies are held in partnership with Horace Mann where students are entered into a drawing to win big prizes for regularly attending school. Students also go on monthly field trips to Shakey's for pizza and lunch as a reward for perfect attendance.

Read 180

Reading intervention program for struggling readers.

Step Up to Writing

Writing program that teaches organizational strategies across grade levels and curricula.

Parent Group

Provides an opportunity for parents and staff to collaborate on academic and behavior support for students.

100 Mile Club

Students improve physical fitness as they run towards their goals of reaching 25, 50, 75, or 100 miles.

Specialized Academic Instruction

SAI is provided in a small group setting by credentialed special education teachers with the support of skilled instructional assistants.

On-Site Therapy Unit

Our therapy unit provides counseling services to eligible students while also promoting a school climate that is respectful, safe, and bully-free.

Speech and Language Services

A speech language pathologist provides services to eligible students and works with teachers to support students' language development.

Occupational Therapy

An occupational therapist provides eligible students with the skills they need to perform daily tasks and provide support to teachers in planning to address student needs withing the classroom.

School Counselor

Our school counselor works with staff and students to promote developmental assets and Results-Based Communication across the campus.