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Staff Introductions

Eric Blackler Campus Supervisor Mr. Eric has been a campus supervisor for over 5 years. He loves his job because he has the best group of kids to work with and the best group of staff members. Mr. Eric tells students to "Stay in school, give 100% in anything you do, and have fun in life!"
Ricardo Caldera Instructional Assistant Mr. Ricardo has been an instructional assistant for two years. He loves working with kids and making a difference in their lives. He tells students to “Never give up, and always strive to do your best.”
Virginia Condit School Secretary Mrs. Virginia has been the secretary for almost two years.  She enjoys working in the front office and interacting with both the students and parents.  Mrs. Virginia enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.  She is always encouraging to the students and her advice to them is, "You have a goal, now do what you need to do to achieve it!"
Rosa Corral Instructional Assistant Mrs. Rosa has been an instructional assistant for 6 years. She loves being able to help students. She also enjoys exercise and has a miniature chihuahua who thinks she’s a Great Dane. Mrs. Corral tells students to "Never give up."
Hailey Grimes Instructional Assistant Ms. Hailey has been an instructional assistant for 9 years. She loves working with students, and spending time with her family. She has completed several college courses. Her advice to students is, “Avoid all the drama and worry about yourself. Don’t worry about what other kids are doing.”
Maria Ibarra Instructional Assistant Mrs. Maria has been an instructional assistant for 11 years. She loves being able to help students. She also enjoys spending time with her daughters, shopping, baking, and traveling. She tells students to, “Always try your best and reach for your goals.
Patricia Losner Instructional Assistant Mrs. Pat has been an instructional assistant for 14 years. She enjoys working with the kids. Mrs. Pat also runs a sports program for special needs youths called "Bill's Special Kids." She has two amazing kids of her own and three amazing grandsons with whom she loves to spend time. Mrs. Pat also has two English bulldogs named Wally & Maddie. Her advice to students is to "Believe in who you are."
Nadine Petzker Instructional Assistant Mrs. Nadine has been an instructional assistant for over 11 years. She loves working with children and she also enjoys shoe shopping. She has three grandsons and another grandbaby on the way. Mrs. Nadine has a dog named Hogan and a cat named Lucy. She tells students to, "Please take responsibility for your actions."
Bobby Rathsavong Instructional Assistant Mr. Bobby is an instructional assistant at Alessandro School. His favorite thing about his job is that every day is a new and different experience. He has an awesome family and a bunny named "Bunny Loo Loo." Mr. Bobby's advice to students is, "Everyone has potential to be successful. The question is, how much do you want it?"
Rhonda Sherman Instructional Assistant Mrs. Rhonda has been an instructional assistant for 21 years. She has a loving husband and three grandchildren. She is trained in CPR and First Aid. She loves seeing the children grow and how much they learn between August and June. She tells students to “Be respectful and always willing to learn.”
Debbie Trudeau Instructional Assistant Mrs. Trudeau has been an instructional assistant for 17 years. She loves her job because the kids are all individuals with various opinions and she enjoys talking to them. Mrs. Trudeau has four beautiful children and even more beautiful grandchildren. Her advice to kids is to "Stay in school and educate yourself. There will be a day when you will be the only one to support and take care of yourself. Make sure you can."